REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS: – Almost all our implementations begin by obtaining input and feedback from key staff members in order to tailor the solution to your company’s needs and objectives.  Input is obtained from each area that is impacted by the solution to insure that all needs are effectively met. A review of current and desired reports, current database structure, required information tracking and workflow are considered and should be made available for our discussions. During this process, SEREX will draw on our experience from other project implementations to recommend the best ways that the Customer Relationship Management (CRM ) application can be used to meet these objectives. Once agreement is reached on selected system functions and the appropriate approach to configuration, we proceed to develop a training syllabus customized for your unique environment. This phase will be instrumental in determining if the proposed solution will be a viable one for the given environment. This phase of the implementation is quite involved, for a typical small company or group this phase will typically take 1 day. For larger companies or companies with a relatively elaborate workflow and/or information requirement this may take longer.


SOFTWARE INSTALLATION – SEREX will work with your system support group to install the CRM application and its associated optional components on the corporate network and if applicable on the remote sites / remote users notebooks.

The following describes the various types of installations.

  1. CRM Server Install – Installation of selected CRM Software on the corporate server
  2. CRM Database Install & Configuration– Installation of selected CRM Database. Depending on the application and the respective version of the application the install may consist of installing SQL 2000, Firebird SQL or Dbase IV on the corporate server or a dedicated server and then configuring it (see below).
  3. Synchronization Server Install – Depending on the application there maybe a requirement to install and configure a synchronization server required for all remote users/offices to properly synchronize.
  4. Remote User/Office CRM Install – Once a Synchronization Server has been installed the remote user clients need to be installed and properly configured.
  5. Web Server Install – Some CRM applications have the ability to Serve up the application over the Web via a corporate web server. Serex installs all necessary Add on software to make this work.
  6. Outlook Integration Install – Some CRM applications have the ability to link to Outlook either via a third party module or an optional module supplied by the chosen vendor. Serex installs all necessary Add on software to make this work.
  7. Word / Excel Integration Install – Some CRM applications have the ability to link to Word and/or Excel either via a third party module or an optional module supplied by the chosen vendor. Serex installs all necessary Add on software to make this work.
  8. Palm / CE / RIM Integration Install – Some CRM applications have the ability to link to Palm Pilots and/or Windows CE products and/or RIM products either via a third party module or an optional module supplied by the chosen vendor. Serex installs all necessary Add on software to make this work.


CRM SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION & CUSTOMIZATION  – Once installed, SEREX customizes the CRM software based upon the input obtained in the Requirements Analysis.  This results in a tailored setup of the software which best fits your business information requirements. Key elements of this include the customization of field labels, field Pull Down menus, activity/result coding, setup of automated processes and field views.  Security levels for each user are also established, and other issues discussed during the Requirements Analysis stage are incorporated. Upon completion of this stage, the customized system is ready to be installed on your network and deployed to all remote users (if applicable).


These first stages are highly time consuming stages and require the highest level of attention, once completed properly the next stages are relatively easy and the probability of rollout success is increased substantially.


DATABASE CONVERSION  & UPGRADE – Information in your current database will be converted to the CRM Application’s database.  This includes transferring data to the respective CRM fields developed as part of the custom configuration. Any modifications to data format to accommodate the CRM (i.e. phone numbers) will be addressed as part of the data import. We are assuming here that all data to be imported will be in a flat database or can be exported to Excel for import into the CRM or is an upgrade from one version to another of the same vendor’s application.


Note:    Data import is not always perfect and differs from one database to another, hence Serex does not guarantee a complete import of all data in exactly the format that is desired.


CUSTOM REPORTS & DOCUMENT TEMPLATES: Management and user defined custom reports will be prepared based upon input and samples provided by Shuster Real Estate Group. These reports can be accessed (and modified if desired) by all users using the built-in report writing utility in the CRM application. Sample reports, either existing or mocked up, are to be provided to SEREX to assist with their preparation.

Custom documents created in Word will also be prepared. These templates will link information directly from data fields in in the CRM application and will be accessible from a menu within the software. It is assumed that existing form letters and other documents to be merged, will be provided to SEREX in Word document files. Printed samples of these documents, including guidance on which information is to be merged, should also be included with these document files.

Some CRM applications have very powerful built in tools that allows for the automation of certain processes and workflows. These autoprocesses/workflows can be as simple as placing a prospect into a simple marketing track with a few call backs automatically scheduled at certain time intervals to  as complex as performing a whole permission marketing campaign.

These autoprocesses/workflows like Reports vary in complexity and are built custom for every installation. The price for development of Reports or autoprocesses/workflows will vary as a function of their respective complexity. The prices shown on the attached cost estimate sheet are only estimates and will vary as a function of the complexity of the programming.



DATA SYNCHRONIZATION: If applicable Synchronization will be implemented as a tool to provide advanced capabilities for multi-site remote synchronization. This module of the CRM application includes features to enable complete control, reliability and security during the synchronization process. Multiple methods including dial-up, Internet e-mail and over a LAN/WAN are typically possible through this utility. SEREX will assist with the setup of each remote location profile to insure maximum flexibility and security for each remote location who will be accessing the database.


DATABASE CORRUPTION CLEAN OR RESTORAL: CRM products that use older style Dbase files,  ACT! V6 and lower, GoldMine Business Contact Manager V67 and lower, sometimes experience database corruption. At Serex we offer database clean and recovery solutions that try to either recover lost data due to corruption or eliminate corruption from tables that occasionally get corrupted.

Attempts to Clean and/or Restore databases are charged as a fixed cost per database. Corruption is introduced for a variety of reasons and with a varying level of severity, in some cases data recovery is a not always possible. Therefore Serex can not guarantee full recovery of data loss or even clean after corruption has been introduced.





Serex Sales Automation Services recommends that a 2 stage approach be used to effectively train users on The selected CRM application and its use in your business. This progressive approach will allow users to first learn the essential elements of the software and custom configuration through basic training. Individual tutoring is then recommended to allow one-on-one assistance for those individuals who need to address their unique learning needs. Training classes will be conducted on-site at your offices using computer equipment provided by Shuster Real Estate Group.


APPLICATION INTRODUCTION (PHASE I – Basic Training) – This session will cover all the basic functions of the selected CRM application that have been determined to be of importance. A typical syllabus may include, creating new records, finding information, use of custom data fields, use of the calendar and activity lists, logging information to history and basic word processing. Any special programs created to tie into the CRM application will also be covered during this training. The main focus is to introduce and highlight the application to the users as a productivity tool. This overview class will be conducted at your premises in a boardroom capable of handling groups of 15 people at a time.


BREAKOUT GROUP TUTORING (PHASE II) – Following basic training, the large group will breakout into smaller groups of 2. These groups will get 2 to 2 ½ Hrs of hands on training on the material covered in the basic training session using their own respective machines.


DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR TRAINING (OPTIONAL)- Training for the database administrator is recommended shortly after the other users are trained. This instruction will help those responsible for the database to assign security, create new databases, maintain the database, create additional custom fields, lookup tables, manipulate toolbars and drop down menus and learn basic report writing skills. Comprehensive coverage of the database structure and administrative functions is covered. This session will take 4 Hrs and is recommended for database administrators, power users and IT staff. The goal is to give key employees of  Shuster Real Estate Group the training and ability to INTERNALLY address issues and service as much of the selected CRM application as possible.


 Support Options


ONGOING TRAINING & SUPPORT – Pre-Paid Blocks of Hours – Training & Support will be provided to all the remote or office users with either onsite visits (see note) or via our “Remote Training & Support Program”. The Remote Training  & Support Program offers Serex clients post classroom software training and support over standard telephone lines and/or the Internet. The Serex trainer/technician will remotely log on to the User’s computer on one phone line (or via an Internet connection) and on another phone line talk to the User. This allows for very effective and personalized one on one training specially designed for users who are on the road, who do not have time to attend formal full day classes or whose offices are in different cities. This way training & support can be performed often, for short amounts of time and at the Users convenience, if necessary outside the 9-5 business hours.


Support calls are handled within 24 Hours, if a user needs help, the user can call Serex’s Technical Support Technician who will log on to the user’s computer and help them address the issue.


Note: All on site visits, are subject to travel costs if out side the Greater Toronto Area, are charged  at a minimum of 3 Hours and then in 15 Minute increments after that. All phone based training or support calls are charged in minimum 15 minute increments and do not include long distance charges that may be applicable.


Requirements:  PC Anywhere Host or VNC software installed at each remote site, 56.6k (or faster) modem and two analog phone lines (not PBX lines). If using an internet connection, proper configuration of firewalls & routers will have to be made prior, a VPN Client may have to be supplied to Serex.


TOTAL CLIENT CARE PROGRAM  – Yearly Service Contract (Paid Quarterly)



Serex goes the extra step by providing proactive training & consulting to further enhance the value of your CRM solution. Our team of consultants, technicians and highly qualified support personal are integral to the quality of service we deliver through our Client Care Program


  1. Unlimited telephone or Remote Access support for the CRM System (24 Hrs response time). Requires remote access to the CRM System
  2. Up to xx hours (annually) of on-site technical support time included
  3. Unlimited CRM system administration (24 Hrs response time). Requires remote access to the CRM System
  4. Up to xx on site CRM training classes per Quarter  – Syllabus TBD
  5. Access to library of updated technical documents files
  6. Business process review with management (Once every 6 months)
  7. On-going recommendations and assistance with system customization enhancements ( up to xx sessions per year)
  8. Preparation of Custom Reports (Up to xx reports per 6 month period)
  9. Preparation of Custom Templates (Up to xx templates per 6 month period)
  10. Individual tutoring by phone & Remote Access (up to xx sessions of up to 1 hour per quarter).
  11. Any Additional Work will be supplied at our reduced rate of $155/Hrs


Note: Prices and number of exact services will vary as a function of the number of users registered for the program. Full remote access to the client systems will be required by Serex. Hence remote access software rights will be granted to Serex.


Serex Clean Mail

We all get it. We all hate it. We all want to eliminate it …… SPAM !!! The Serex Clean Mail Service does just that, eliminates SPAM from your e-mail accounts. You send us a copy of all your spam riddled e-mails, we clean it using state of the art artificial intelligence driven algorithms, we send you back “Clean Mail”. This with a 0.1% false positive rate and a 99.3% spam/virus detection rate.

Lead Generation and Client Retention Program


Serex provides lead generation campaigns via our professional Call Centre Agents. With client provided or purchased lists, our agents will make cold calls on behalf of our clients providing them or their sales teams with meeting ready leads. Imagine letting the Sales Representatives out of the cage and roam freely in front of potential clients!


Our Retention Agents will call your existing client base periodically to determine the level of satisfaction among them flagging any potential catastrophes. Talk about understanding the client’s needs, issues and making the save!


The Differentiator … All these campaigns are done in the CRM system that the client is already using and synchronized back to the client head office, or if using a hosted solution, no synchronization required. This process cuts down substantially the work required collating and processing all these leads and issues manually.


Additional Services

SEREX can provide additional productivity enhancements to your company through the implementation of advanced CRM features or integration with other software applications. Additionally, there are a number of third party CRM products that can be very valuable toward meeting your company’s automation needs. These professional services include:


  • Scanning Solutions with Integration to CRM
  • BusinessVision32 Accounting Software
  • AccPac Accounting Software
  • Scripts building within some CRM applications for telemarketing or guided data input
  • Workflow/Automated Process programming to enable triggered actions to be handled
  • Quotation Software
  • Computer Network Installations & Support
  • Computer Service Contracts
  • Training on Palm Pilot , Pocket PC & Blackberry products & Links to selected CRM systems