Zack Snider, Marketing Manager, Snider Homes
At Snider Homes, we had been looking for a solution to better collect, manage and communicate data with respect to our clients, trades, suppliers and other stakeholders in the company. We met Rob Saul through a local networking group and as he learned about our company he told us about Infusionsoft and how he thought it could help us. It was not long before we took Rob’s advice and hired him on to implement this incredible software. Rob was both professional and diligent in ensuring that each step we took throughout this process was carefully considered as part of building our solid foundation with this new tool. Rob really put himself in our shoes to imagine what it would be like down the road to use this software and this long-term vision is what guided our decisions and actions in carefully setting up this program. Today, Infusionsoft has become an incredibly valuable tool and resource in our company, enabling us to do exactly what we were looking for!
Zack Snider, Marketing Manager , Snider Homes
Serex did a great job of leading of guiding us through the software we had purchased, and in getting us started on the right foot.
Len Preeper , Thinkwell Research Incorporated
Serex is great at analyzing a company’s objectives and showing how a CRM systems can fit their needs best. I have considered Rob Saul an integral member of my team since 2007 Top qualities: Great Results-Expert-Creative-Patience-Great Listener
Eva Sachs, Women in Divorce Financial
We are an online marketing agency providing services to small and medium sized businesses with branding, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing and other other web marketing strategies. It was critical for me and my team to have a vast knowledge and understanding of all the Infusionsoft tools available so that we maximized our investment. Rob Saul from Serex was not only able to make me understand how powerful Infusionsoft was and how it would work for us to automate our processes, but how we could use this tool to help our own clients. Rob should be included with every package! He is professional, and very keen on explaining details in addition to that he is a pleasure to work with. We will be doing more business in the future. Thanks! … 5 Stars!
Chris Awad Director of Marketing ,
I had a wonderful experience working with Rob Saul. He helped me develop a strong foundation for understanding all of the tools offered through InfusionSoft, while setting me up for success in my marketing campaigns. Having a one on one consultant is what sold me on InfusionSoft. I highly recommend him to anyone!.
Harrison Powell, Catapult Life
Working with Serex and more specifically Robert Saul has been a truly refreshing experience. The 20 years of CRM experience coupled with the extensive knowledge of Infusionsoft that Rob has, proved to be a magical recipe for a highly successful deployment of Infusionsoft. The highly process centric approach that we were put through was highly effective in a very rapid deployment. I now consider Serex part of our team and we will be working together again … 5 Stars!”
Anthony DiMarco, Career Illuminators
It was great working with Rob. He helped me to understand our software, navigate through it, and use it for my company needs. Our company has different needs from others and need special attention to certain aspects. Rob made it simple for me. Hope to work with you in the future
Brenton Thompson Owner, Summer Bounce Entertainment
Rob allowed me to understand how to better serve my clients online and allowed me to increase my online leads by about 300%, no kidding! I give him 5 stars, and will be doing business with him again.
Matt Landry, Landry Auto Chrysler
We are a design firm that specializes in concierge level turnkey service for successful men as they “SHIFT” through divorce or other lifestyle changes. With a high level focus on service, we’re continuously assessing methods to improve our client experience. We consciously decided that we wanted to leverage the power of our CRM without the hassles of doing it ourselves. To that end we’ve retained Serex Sales Automation Services to do it all for us.

The teams that Serex brings to the table, including public relations, marketing and social media experts, that have and are continuously delivering tremendous value. Robert Saul is like a conductor in an orchestra putting it all together. What we appreciate most is the constant level of communication between us and the Serex Team who check in often to report progress and updates as they tackle each phase of our project.

The Serex team has worked diligently to understand our demographic, objectives and the various components required to achieve our long-term goals. Their recommended action plan includes breaking out the big picture into manageable segments and milestones and powering through each quickly. Processes that are being implemented and the systems’ transformation that are unfolding are yielding extremely positive results. Serex has become an integral partner in our entire business, not only managing our CRM, but even providing valuable marketing and sales strategies.

Serex president, Robert Saul, is the consummate professional. He’s an industry leader, strong communicator and genuinely interested in our firm’s success. We highly recommend (anyone small or large) working with Serex Sales Automation Services as they will definitely be able to advance, tweak or even develop your company’s the marketing plan.

We welcome any inquiries about our work with this highly responsive and knowledgeable team.

Andie Day, Shift Legacy