It is a well known fact that 70% of client attrition is usually due to neglect. Not because the product or service was to expensive or not up to par with the competition … Purely and Simply Neglect!

Given that fact, Serex has created a  Client Retention Program that focuses on periodically contacting existing clients to find out how they are doing, what their experience is with your company and what new products or services your company is offering that they may benefit from. This is a crucial function and in some cases it is important that it be done by the Sales Representatives. However in many cases the Sales Representatives do not do it systematically with all clients furthermore when they are doing it they are not selling new clients. It is invaluable for a third party to formally and systematically perform this discovery. In many cases relationship, neglect and service level issues are caught and rectified before they become catastrophic. Again, in many cases your company is better served by having you Sales Representatives in front of new clients instead of old ones or on the phones leaving voice messages ….“Let the Animals Out of The Cage !”