February 2015

Venue: Robert Saul was Keynote Speaker at Innovation Culture Group’s Event
The Subject: Bringing Innovations to Market
Brief: Many great innovative products die on the drawing board. Robert was talking on about how while working at Sur-Gard Security had brought to market a number of different products and more recently used the “Lean Innovation Methodology”  to bring to market Serex’s newest product “Procurement Power” that was released in January 2015.

January 2015

Venue: Robert Saul was David Wojcik’s guest on Biz Radio Canada
The Subject: ” Letting the animals out of the cage”
Brief: Many studies have shown that the corporate animals (sales reps) are spending way too much time in the cage (office) and not enough roaming the wilds of the city. In this interview Robert explains how sales automation tools combined with appointment setting services and some admin support, makes sure the animals are out roaming and makes them much more effective.

Click here for full Interview 01/20/2015 interview

November 2014

Venue: Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export (CAMESE) – Procurement Forum
The Subject: Sales and Marketing tools used to fix follow up failures
Brief: Keynote speaker – Sales follow up for most business, is a tragic and very expensive failure