Business is all about providing great value, great services, great support, relationships and a very importantly rewarding our suppliers and partners with referrals. Below you will find descriptions of the “Perfect Lead”, for our various divisions and a form that you can fill that will allow you to give us as many details about the referral as you have:

Note: We always pay a finders fee for all referrals that convert to business.

The Perfect Serex Lead


For our Sales Automation & Call Centre Divisions:

We have had success in many different types of companies. The best ones for us are companies or individuals that:

  1. Have a Sales Force (inside and/or outside)
  2. Are managing over 500 contacts (that includes suppliers, prospects & clients)
  3. Are having productivity issues (their information is in too many places)
  4. Are spending too much time on Administrative Tasks
  5. Do many Tradeshows or Conferences
  6. Are not conforming to the various Health & Safety Regulations
  7. Finding adherance to Corporate Governance difficult
  8. Do Not have Contact Management or CRM system …  i.e. maybe just using Spreadsheets or Outlook
  9. Spending Money on Marketing
  10. Need higher Lead Conversion
  11. Need optimization & automation of their Business Workflows and Processes
  12. Are Speakers
  13. Are Consulting Companies
  14. Need appointment setting
  15. Need human responses for customer service
  16. Need to obtain CASL | CANSPAM consent from their prospects

Specific Verticals / Type of Companies:

  1. Financial Services
  2. Transportation
  3. Advertising Sales (Radio, TV, Print)
  4. Consulting companies
  5. Associations
  6. Manufacturers
  7. Sales agencies

Role in Company:

  1. CEO
  2. President
  3. Owner
  4. VP Sales & Marketing

Annual sales volume: $250k – $250M

For our Procurement Division:

We provide a purchasing tool that will substantially reduce the cost of the purchasing process and the cost of goods. We are most effective in environments that purchase many products from multiple vendors. The ideal company will have at least one full time buyer. So the best ones for us are companies that are:

Type of Companies:

We mainly target companies who have:

  1. One or more full time buyers
  2. Purchase over 500 s.k.u.’s of products
  3. Have multiple suppliers for each product
  4. Who purchase over $1M per year

And … Are either:

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Distributors
  3. Wholesalers
  4. Chains

Specific Verticals:

  1. Food Services
  2. Hospitality (Hotel, Resorts & etc)
  3. Health and Beauty
  4. Electronics

Role in Company:

  1. Chief Procurment Officer (person that buyers reports to)
  2. Supply Chain Manager
  3. Purchasing Manager
  4. Chief Financial Officer
  5. President
  6. CEO / COO

Annual purchase volume: $1M plus