What is CRM? (Customer Relationship Management)

Before we talk about the specific details, one needs to define what are some of the other products categories in this snack bracket, as many lines and product functionality are blurred. They are:

  1. Contact Management
  2. Salesforce Automation
  3. CRM

Contact Management

Simply put it’s a tool that will help organize and store all pertinent contact and interaction information on all the people or organizations one interacts with.

Sales Force Automation

Essentially, it uses the same Contact Management concepts but introduces the concept of segmentation & sharing information among various teams. This will allow sales managers to run interaction, demographic and other pertinent reports from one centralized sales database helping to gauge sales force performance and productivity. Sales Force Automation also starts introducing the concept of workflow and process automation specific to the sales department

Customer Relationship Management

Using the same concepts as Sales Force Automation but applying them to any department that may touch the corporate contacts or may need to analyze the interactions with those contacts. These other departments could include Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service and Management. The idea is that everybody in an organization can leverage information gathered by any other group in the same organization in a secure and workflow automation friendly environment