Health and safety compliance is very important for a number of reasons:

  • First the actual safety of your employees
  • Non-compliance can trigger fines
  • Non-compliance can trigger hikes in insurance premiums
  • Injuries sustained by employees in a non-compliant workplace can engender additional fines, additional premiums not to mention law suits

Authorities deal with Health and Safety violations differently in the different jurisdictions, but one can rest assured that the consequences can cripple a business. Even so, a surprisingly large number of businesses do not conform the the various Acts especially for companies that have never been audited or have not had any claims. The large numbers are mainly due to the fact that for most smaller and mid sized companies the process is relatively onerous as typically one employee is made responsible for conformity with the Act among their many other business and position related responsibilities. Bottom line is that very many important conformity activities are forgotten or are never given the priority levels required to address them.

Since 1993, Serex has been traditionally focused (and currently is ) on identifying the various business workflows, then automating as many of them as budgets and technology would allow. Our main areas of focus are in the procurement, administrative, sales and marketing areas.

We are now in the process of developing a Health and Safety workflow automation tool to help small and medium sized businesses conform to the various Acts by sending out alerts to the person responsible for health and safety at a given organization. If the alerts are ignored an alert escalation process is triggered and alerts will start going up the food chain of the organization.

We are looking for companies who are interested in helping us develop the tool. If you are interested in helping please fill in the form below, which by the way, also acts as a demo, and check the appropriate box



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